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About us

Victory Crown Associates Ltd. is a specialist provider of procurement, logistics and a wide range of project support services. Our main markets include Oil and Gas, Mining, Manufacturing and Civil Infrastructure.

We offer complete solutions for either one-off or regular procurement. Our goal is to come alongside our clients providing outsourced procurement and logistics solutions which are based on reliability, flexibility and expertise.


Our clients range from large conglomerates to medium and small enterprises. Whatever the size of organization; whether a small family startup or a large PLC, we provide the peace of mind that enables the organization to focus on its core business. We see ourselves as partners with our clients; together sharing and fulfilling common logical and strategic goals.

We tailor our services for each client making sure that our solutions take into consideration each  unique circumstance so that every opportunity can be maximised and each risk mitigated.

Contact us today so that we can discuss how our range of services can be of immense benefit to your organisation.

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Oil and

Our experience and very successful collaborations with international blue chip companies in the Oil and Gas industry make us a major player in the provision of procurement and other services within this sector.

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Mining and

We are involved in mining support operations. We enable operators working in usually very difficult terrains to overcome challenges occurring in their production and logistics plans.

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and Manufacturing

Large manufacturers receive immense value and benefits from our outsourcing solutions. These include real and very measurable benefits from reduced costs and improved quality.

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Civil and Govt

We have a multi disciplined team that is focused on Civil Infrastructure. We bring together our expert knowledge of logistics, local geography and political organisations, in order to deliver great support services to Civil infrastructure projects in any part of the country.

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