Oil and Gas

Victory Crown Associates’ experience and acclaimed efficiency working in the Oil and Gas industry make us a major player in the provision of procurement and other services within this sector.

Our collaborations with international blue chip companies is confirmation of our professionalism and meticulous attention in meeting the purchasing and supply chain demands within this industry.

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Our expertise in project delivery combined with our specialist level of knowledge of the sector makes us the perfect partner for any major player in the Oil and Gas sector.

We go to great lengths to furnish every procurement need and provide services that are required to undertake your Oil and Gas operations, whether they are upstream, downstream, onshore or offshore.

We are reputed for our great problem solving capabilities and resourcefulness.

Following our tremendous experience in the industry, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we are one of the best to offer services to the seismic, drilling, production, MRO development, refinery and petrochemical sub-sectors.

Keeping up with our promise of a one-stop procurement provider, we take responsibility for your purchasing portfolio, commissioning purchases, managing administration and dealing with logistical procedures with our Outsourced Procurement Service. In order to accommodate individual requests, our Day to Day procurement services comes handy to offer you advisory consultations and ad hoc projects

Most Oil and Gas projects are situated in some of the most hostile terrains. Hence, our services are designed to overcome environmental challenges, our whilst also using creative and innovative solutions combined with the latest delivery mechanisms to make sure that we deliver to your facility on time and in line with your project strategy.

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