Corporate representation

We have great knowledge and influence in our local markets built on integrity and performance over many years. Victory Crown Associates will be happy to help assist you to explore any local opportunities including introducing you to potential clients. We can also assist in helping you obtain advice on how to navigate through regulatory, corporate or commercial issues that may arise.

Business team shaking hands in front of the flag

Business team shaking hands in front of the flag

Foreign companies who do not avail themselves of our unique representation service find certain processes can become very complex, long winded and eventually prove difficult, if not impossible. Our Representation service will ensure that this scenario does not occur.

We can also provide well-researched information and datasets in addition to locally relevant insight for your sector. We are able to arrange face-to-face meetings with relevant decision makers, local officials and other stakeholders.

Our specialist consultants can also assist you with:

  • Company introductions and
  • Statutory documentations
  • Consultancy and advice on human resources and job markets
  • Qualified and reliable partnership arrangements
  • Agreements for commercial transactions
  • Safety standards
  • Complaints investigation
  • Company registration and
  • New banking business account set-up

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