Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Victory Crown Associates is a specialist procurement provider dedicated to helping companies reduce the overhead costs attributable to purchasing and managing the supply chain.


It is even more critical in today’s competitive business environment for every company irrespective of size or sector to have ongoing review of its overhead costs and have a focus on procurement spending. Over the years, we have developed a demonstrable expertise in direct and indirect procurement. We provide tailor-made solutions to clients in each of our main market segments. These are within both public and private sectors.

We can deliver a comprehensive service to maximise your spending. Since procurement can greatly affect any company's efficiency and profit, we look at every contributing factor in order that you can have a simple and efficient supply chain process that is monitored, maintained and optimised.

We also offer procurement consulting services that focus on strategic inputs, recommendations, spend analysis or opportunity assessments.

Our procurement consultancy services can save your company both time, money and risk.

Our outsourced procurement service will allow your company to benefit immediately from our experience in procurement. Using our services means you avoid having to create your own internal team in addition to building capacity, structure and the required expertise within that team.

Our outsourced procurement will allow your company to deliver savings as you focus on your core/strategic functions. We will quickly deliver value and savings even if your medium to long term goal is to develop this function internally.

We offer both indirect and indirect procurement services:

  1. Direct procurement. including all goods which directly enter into the production process of your company. For the Oil and Gas industry as an example, lubricants, machine replacement parts etc.
  2. Indirect Procurement. Including all the goods and services that you require to enable the activities of your organization. This entails a wide range, including marketing (media buying, agencies), IT and Telecoms- related services (hardware, software), Human Resource- related services (recruitment agencies, training), facilities and estate management and office services (furniture, cleaning, recycling, catering, printers), or utilities (gas, electricity, water)...etc.

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